The Quick Green Energy Story: All In on Energy Entrepreneurship

At the age of 40, Sean Lewis launched the company after realizing an untapped market potential to fund business owners in the upstream oil & gas industry with private equity.

As we became aware of new opportunities across the energy value chain and as a result of the growing emphasis on sustainability, our vision and scope grew over time. Today, we invest across the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem using a methodical yet innovative strategy. Although a lot has changed since Quick Green Energy was established, we still think that our greatest competitive edge is our ability to draw in and offer entrepreneurs we work with to develop fantastic firms value-added assistance.


  • ESG
  • Digital
  • Procurement
  • Marketing &


  • Private Equity
  • Credit &
    Structured Capital
  • Venture Capital

Our Focus

  • Responsibly Sourced Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Power & Renewables
  • Decarbonization 
  • Energy Technology

What Sets QGE Apart

Quick Green Energy aspires to work with top energy and sustainability entrepreneurs after developing one of the top global private equity franchises devoted to the sustainable energy ecosystem. We better understand the interactions across the energy value chain by investing in anything energy-related, which is more important given the difficulty of reaching net-zero emissions.


Additionally, Quick Green Energy offers its portfolio firms more than simply financial support. We take pleasure in being active, hands-on partners who provide value, and we invest in our own company appropriately. We are able to elevate our partner firms to a higher level thanks to our own Strategic Shared Services team.


How We Are Unique

Pioneers in energy private equity

One of the first energy private equity businesses was Quick Green Energy. We have prioritized aiding businesspeople in the energy sector.

Diverse energy investments

With regards to the complete sustainable energy ecosystem, we have extensive investment experience.

Value-added partners

To make sure we can maintain a high level of engagement with every investment we make, we are more discriminating. We make investments in our own skills so that we can provide greater value to the businesses we work with.

Harnessing the power of technology

To harness the power of data and software and make smarter business decisions, Quick Green Energy is developing a next-generation digital platform for the energy and sustainability sectors.

Responsible investing

We are dedicated to improving the world, from best-in-class stewardship to diverse charitable initiatives in the areas where we operate.

Our People Make The Difference

Each person on our team is enthusiastic about the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem and working with the businesspeople who fuel its development. We firmly think that developing great businesses requires a real collaboration approach, and we actively pursue this philosophy every day.

Sean Lewis
Founder & CEO
Liam James
John Lewis
Partner and General Counsel
Gabriel Wheeler
Liam Lees
Ellis Baker
Zachary Todd
Patrick Morrison
Ethan Moore
Venture Partner
Zak Campbell
Venture Partner
Aaron Chan
General Counsel - Private Equity
Jamie Carter
Managing Director
Daniel Moss
Managing Director - Technical
Logan Wright
Managing Director
Jasmine Stephens
Managing Director – Technical
Lewis Marsh
Managing Director
Corey Bennett
Managing Director
Taylor Ashton
Director – Technical
Louis Hill
Alex Parkin
Rob Meister
Lane Neal
Director – Technical
Mike Shultz
Director – Technical
Sewell Strifler
Greg Butler
Vice President
John Picton
Vice President – Technical
Chase Randolph
Vice President
Brandon Schmidt
Vice President
David Knop
Senior Associate
Tori Najvar
Senior Engineer
Robby Rybarczyk
Senior Associate
Adam Smith
Senior Geologist
Ruey Sung Ku
Senior Associate
Nick Brown
Senior Engineering Analyst
Shea Robin
Senior Engineering Analyst
Kelly Scheps
Senior Engineering Analyst
Lucas Anderson
Roshan Kulangara
Tran Ly
Evan Murphy
Alex Quintos
Nick Self
Michael Waldron

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