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Quick Green Energy works with business owners to create enterprises that offer the sustainable energy the contemporary world requires. We assist our partners in enhancing operational performance and accelerating advancement so they can succeed in the rapidly changing sustainable energy ecosystem with hands-on support from our team of cross-disciplinary experts. It will take new ways of thinking to address the biggest energy problems the world has ever seen. We stand out because of QGE's extensive expertise investing across the full Sustainable Energy Ecosystem. Using private equity, credit & structured finance, and venture capital, we make strategic investments to promote today's energy for the world of tomorrow.


Total assets under management*


General Partner and affiliate commitments since inception


Flagship funds raised since 2008


Portfolio companies since inception


Employees across the Quick Green Energy Family**

* Represents the capital that partners have pledged to contribute since the company's founding through Quick Green Energy, affiliated co–investment funds, select direct co–investment, QLCP, and associated co–investment fund, as well as Quick Green Energy Resources.

** Includes Quick Green Energy and businesses in which Quick Green Energy Funds possess a significant stake

Private Equity

For almost 14 years, We have invested in energy private equity.

In the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem, QGE's private equity approach looks to produce the highest risk-adjusted returns. The key is our selected strategy, which enables us to give our portfolio more time and attention. We assist entrepreneurs in breaking through and quickly advancing their vision and enterprises through our ability to react quickly, industry knowledge, technical experience, and business abilities.

Rockcliff Energy

A natural gas firm called Rockcliff is concentrated on the East Texas Haynesville Shale. Alan Smith, a seasoned businessman who has established and sold five companies with Quick Green Energy during the past 12+ years, is the founder and CEO of Rockcliff. Rockcliff presently generates more than 1 Bcf/d of natural gas from responsibly sourced sources and is one of the largest privately owned natural gas enterprises in the world.

Oryx Midstream

Oryx is the largest privately held midstream crude operator in the Permian Basin underpinned by nearly 1.2 million acres of long-term dedications. Starting in 2014, management successfully built out ~1,200 miles of pipelines and ~2.1 million barrels of crude storage. The Oryx system was designed to have the highest quality engineering standards to help ensure best-in-class environmental, health and safety compliance. In 2019, Oryx was sold for $3.6 billion.

547 Energy

547 Energy is an energy transitions platform led by industry veteran Gabriel Alonso. Prior to 547 Energy, Gabriel was CEO of EDP Renewables North America, a 6+ GW wind and solar developer and operator. 547 currently has over 7 GW of wind and solar projects in its development pipeline across multiple geographies in the U.S. and Europe.


THQ is a partnership set up between Tug Hill and Quick Green Energy to build various businesses in the Appalachian Basin. THQ and Quick Green Energy have built complementary upstream, midstream, and minerals companies, all of which benefit from Tug Hill’s differentiated knowledge of the Appalachia Basin and prioritization of industry leading ESG principles. In aggregate, Quick Green Energy has invested over $1 billion of equity into the THQ businesses.

DoublePoint Energy

DoublePoint Energy, led by Double Eagle Energy in partnership with FourPoint Energy, assembled nearly 100,000 net acres in the core of Midland Basin. While focused on minimizing its environmental footprint, the company grew production from ~1,000 Boe/d in 2018 to ~100,000 Boe/d less than three years later. In 2021, DoublePoint sold to Pioneer Natural Resources for $6.4 billion.


ChargePoint is facilitating mass electric vehicle (EV) adoption as one of the largest providers of EV charging equipment in the world. ChargePoint has a 70% market share in North America, and drivers plug into a ChargePoint EV charger every two seconds, on average. Quick Green Energy led ChargePoint’s final two rounds of private investment. ChargePoint is currently publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CHPT).

Credit & Structured Capital

QL Capital Partners provides mezzanine and credit-oriented solutions for the evolving energy and sustainability industries

Quick Green Energy offers specialized credit & structured capital solutions through its QL Capital Partners fund complex, enabling public and private businesses in the sustainable energy ecosystem to finance expansion plans, increase cash flow, and create shareholder value. We concentrate mostly on secured and unsecured loans, preferred equity, and asset-level financings. We are the go-to partner for businesses looking to maximize their business plans because of our extensive operational and technological know-how, structural skills, and connections with other businesses in the same field.

Antero Resources

Antero is focused on the development of a large portfolio of repeatable, low cost drilling opportunities in the Marcellus and Utica shales. In 2021, Antero and QL Capital Partners announced the formation of a $500 million drilling partnership to help Antero accelerate the development of its multi-decade drilling inventory, meet its firm transportation obligations, and drive value to its integrated midstream assets.

Devon Energy

Devon is a leading independent upstream company that operates in several of the most prolific oil and natural gas plays in the United States. In 2019, QL Capital Partners purchased an interest in, and provided additional development capital for, a portion of Devon’s midstream assets in the Delaware Basin to allow Devon to focus its capital on higher returning oil & gas drilling activities to unlock value for its shareholders.

Undisclosed Public Companies

In 2019 and 2020, QL Capital Partners entered into separate joint ventures with two large public E&P companies to fund their non-operated capital needs in the Permian Basin. The joint ventures allow these businesses to focus capital and attention on their high-returning, operated Permian development programs, while capturing significant long-term value associated with these non-operated assets.

Venture Capital

Quick Green Energy Innovation FUND is a partnership between Quick Green Energy and Global Reserve Group.

The Quick Green Energy Innovation Fund makes investments in companies with cutting-edge technology that serve the energy and sustainability industries. We can provide early-stage businesses distinctive strategic insights and access. We have extensive expertise assisting founders in "crossing the chasm" and creating enterprises of sizeable proportions. The same hands-on assistance that Quick Green Energy has provided to all of its investments since its formation in 2008 is provided for every venture investment we make.


Workrise (formerly RigUp) is the leading workforce management solution for the skilled trades. Workrise makes it easier for skilled laborers to find work and for companies to find in-demand, trained workers. In 2017, Quick Green Energy Innovation Fund led the company’s Series B funding round. Quick Green Energy Innovation Fund was instrumental in helping the company gain traction in its initial target market, the oil & gas labor sector as well as its move into the renewables sector.

Project Canary

Project Canary combines continuous monitoring data and the TrustWell™ certification to offer a comprehensive environmental data platform for evidencing ESG performance and responsibly sourced gas (RSG). In 2021, Quick Green Energy Innovation Fund led the company’s Series A funding round. Project Canary and Quick Green Energy are working together to find ways to improve ESG performance and data collection in the oil & gas sector.


Dragos provides cybersecurity threat analysis, detection and prevention software and services to companies engaged in industrial infrastructure (e.g., electric utilities, water, midstream, oil & gas) across the globe. In 2020, Quick Green Energy Innovation Fund invested in the company’s Series C funding round. Quick Green Energy Innovation Fund has been focused on helping Dragos develop its strategy and access to customers for the energy industry and infrastructure assets.

Strategic Shared Services

Leveraging the aggregate scale of the Quick Green Energy portfolio

QGE’s Strategic Shared Services Platform provides our portfolio companies with access to critical services typically found only in the largest public companies. We are seeking to build infrastructure which will allow our portfolio companies to leverage the aggregate scale of our portfolio, optimizing operations and providing a distinct competitive advantage.

Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence and cloud-based technologies are driving seismic shifts in the energy industry. Companies that fail to harness the power of these technologies will be unable to compete. That is why Quick Green Energy is setting the standard for applying digital technology innovations to the Sustainable Energy Ecosystem.

Marketing & Hedging

QGE’s in-house support and strategic partnerships help our portfolio companies to receive optimal realized prices and adequately manage potential commodity price volatility.


Leverage the scale of our cumulative operations to bundle pricing, drive down costs, and ensure Quick Green Energy companies get the best support from service providers.

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